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Bless the fruit of the womb, for it is infinite.

Full Spectrum Doula Care, Womb Herbal Therapy and Whole Food Nutrition


Full Spectrum Doula Care

Full spectrum doula care covers every area of pregnancy from birth, adoption, miscarriage and abortion . My mission is to keep you comfortable and empowered so that you can have an amazing birth experience or getting the tender care your deserve. Beautiful feminine energy combined with empowering physical abilities will ensure safe passage of your little one and healing of yourself.  

Herbal Womb Wellness

Extensive experience allows me to guide you. My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.  Herbal medicine is more cost-effective than modern medicine, it’s easier to obtain and it has several health benefits that are comparable to modern pharmaceuticals. You can heal heavy bleeding during your cycle, you can reduce those fibroids without surgery. PCOS can heal and you can get your life back.

Whole Food Nutrition

Food is Medicine... 

The best way to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthy. The right fuel in your body makes it run better. Fruits and vegetables are two key food groups known to contribute to better health. Juice Plus+ puts more of the valuable nutrition from fruits and vegetables back into your diet to improve health and wellness. Give yourself a better diet and a healthier lifestyle.

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